Linkage: typo domain fee $242k

Today’s links are in pairs, starting with milk: the first explains food inflation using The Milkman Indicator, the second is about a guy in a cow suit who robbed 26 gallons of milk from Walmart. That insanity flows to The Donald, who comedians pray will be president, but two links below show this is no laughing matter. Also two great posts on domain name price inflation and buying tips.

-Domain name price inflation (Paul Kedrosky) and buying tips (Fred Wilson)

-President Trump: “I’m Very Serious” (BusinessWeek)

-Just when you though American politics couldn’t get more bizarre (Economist)

-The Milkman Indicator, great primer on food inflation (DailyReckoning)

-Man in cow suit robs Walmart of 26 gallons of milk (InsideNova)

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