Linkage: you’ve never heard of the most famous teenager in America

Gen Z has a lot of problems.

People are already trying to set up a narrative of Gen Z-ers having a hard time with money. They’re growing up in uncertain political and economic times with climate change hanging over their heads.

But they’re learning from millennials’ mistakes, and have their own unique brand of hustle. Below, you’ll learn about how the most famous Gen Z-er is a teenage YouTube star you’ve probably never heard of.

For the older set, our influencer-in-chief, Kanye West, has a billion-dollar sneaker and fashion empire. To get the zeitgeist of both young, old, and in-between, check out trips inside both minds below.

In real estate news, nearly a million new homes were built last year. However, minority homeownership is at record lows, with the black homeownership rate literally the lowest it’s ever been.

For everything you need to be in the know this week, hit today’s Linkage below.

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