My Wife’s Insider Take On Accenture Mortgage Deal

My wife is in the mortgage business now. Or her firm is anyway. She alerted me to the news of Accenture’s Zenta acquisition last night, then I got several emails this morning from colleagues asking me about the deal. The best was this one from one of my longtime mortgage banking mentors:

Saw this Accenture news, does this mean your wife will now be working for us? And do you really understand what this means?

To which I replied:

Come on Robert, when was the last time I understood what she does for ‘The Company’ ??

All my colleagues think she’s in the CIA because she travels a lot, and her explanations about what she does leave them scratching their heads. It’s all very covert.

As for her, when I asked about Accenture’s mortgage strategy this morning, she replied:

How’s our refi going?

Well played babe …

Accenture Buys Mortgage Processor Zenta
(press release | HousingWire)