Netflix’s Ozark Has Best Realtor Quote of 2017

I finally dove into Ozark and I’m hooked. Jason Bateman plays a financial advisor in the spiral of his life trying to outsmart a drug cartel he launders money for. It’s a nod to Breaking Bad but easily original enough to not feel derivative, thanks to to many great characters, especially Bateman’s wife played by Laura Linney—she’s fully complicit in his nefarious world, but trying to hold life together for herself and their two teenage kids.

They move from Chicago to the Ozarks to wash the drug money, and she needs a job to stay somewhat sane, so she pitches the realtor that sold them their house on being his assistant. One day while staging a home for him, he walks in and overhears her touring a couple who arrived before the open house began. When he calls her out, she doubles down on her pitch to remain his assistant, saying: “I know how to sell the idea of a happy family.”

Absolutely perfect for her character’s troubled family life, and the best realtor quote of 2017.