Linkage: Dare call yourself an entrepreneur?

If you dare call yourself an entrepreneur, read James Altucher’s piece below to ensure your self-applied title is legit. Today’s links also include a negative outlook on Zillow’s IPO, a great write-up on Fannie’s economic outlook, and a word on home appraisals from FoxBusiness—so it has to be legit.

-Fannie Mae Outlook: Economy Hits Air Pocket (MortgageNewsDaily)

-Why I’m Not Buying Zillow (Duff McDonald, Fortune)

-BlackRock names new global head of real estate (Pensions & Investments)

-Could End Of Refi Years Mean Bottom For Loan Profits? (National Mortgage Pro)

-Are Your Paying $500 For An Appraisal That Costs $200 (FoxBusiness)

-You Can Only Call Yourself An Entrepreneur If…(Altucher)

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