Linkage: Weird Al vs. Lady Gaga: Advantage Al

All real estate is local so blogging must be as well. That’s what real estate blogger Teresa Boardman wrote on InmanNews (link below). But don’t rush to build your fancy self-hosted blog just yet. Unless you’re a realtor who’s built a blog audience over years, your best play is to use a Facebook page. You can very easily add short posts or web links, the site will look great, you just flow the FB content into your site, and most important: your local audience is already built in. Boom, done.

Also in today’s links: Facebook’s Like button turns one, the war to keep 30yr fixed loans, a word on Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner’s credibility problem in the wake of S&P’s warning on U.S. debt. And since markets are closed, I’m including a link about how Lady Gaga tried to shut down a Weird Al Yankovic parody of her. Not smart. Here’s his last parody from a couple years ago. It’s at 60,162,532 YouTube views and counting…

-Weird Al Gets Approval To Parody Lady Gaga (Billboard)

-Blogging tips for real estate pros (InmanNews)

-Democratic Faction Fights To Keep 30yr Fixed In A Post-Fannie Freddie World (DSNews)

-Facebook LIKE button celebrates first birthday (Mashable)

-Geithner downgrades his credibility to junk (Bloomberg)