Linkage: Listen to new Beastie Boys album

If I link to a story on copyright and trademark infringement, am I infringing? What will the next round of Fed easing look like? Or will we find out tomorrow that the Fed’s done helping? And does a jobless recovery mean housing will improve? These are today’s things links that make you go Hmmm.

Another thing that makes me go Hmmm is when people doubt the relevance of a new Beastie Boys album May 3. Actually I’m not so much going Hmmm as I am going Pfft. Like the typewriter, Arsenio Hall and his beloved C&C Music Factory are pop cultural relics for a reason. But the Beasties stand the test of time. Listen to new album below and see for yourself.

-R.I.P. typewriter: last factory closes (Mashable)

-What Might Next Round of Fed Easing Look Like? (Jeff Cox, NetNet)

-Know the basics of copyright, trademark infringement (InmanNews)

-Jobless recovery impact on housing (BoomBustBlog plus comments from ZeroHedge)

-Fed: Lower jobless rate more from job losses decreasing than from new jobs created (RealTimeEconomics)

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