Linkage: Rates Down If No Debt Ceiling Deal?

Lots of great links today, including one on the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s early priorities. To which I’ll lead in which this excerpt from Rob: “Phil Hall wrote ‘Next week is the premiere of two highly anticipated endeavors: the Hollywood blockbuster ‘Captain America: The First Avenger’ and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). One of these is a ridiculously expensive production that traffics in a juvenile fantasy about an over-the-top crime fighter going to wild extremes in the pursuit of justice. The other is a movie.'”

-Slap On Wrist For Mortgage Lenders (TheBigPicture)
-The Power Of Negative Thinking (TheAltucherConfidential)
-Why Treasury Isn’t Freaking About Debt Ceiling (BusinessInsider)
-Know How Lenders Get Paid When Loan Shopping (RatesInMotion)
-Reinhart & Rogoff: The Economy Can’t Grow With Debt (Bloomberg)
-Consumer Protection Cops Prep For Bank Examinations (MortgageNewsDaily)

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