Linkage: Debt Men Walking

Here’s an S&P downgrade/U.S. budget edition of my Originations linkfest, complete with an epic photoshop from my boy h1ghway. Background for the less pop culturally obsessed: the pimp who sets Idiocracy’s nation-in-decline plot in motion is named Upgrayedd—pronounced ‘upgrade’ but “spelled with two Ds for a double-dose of his pimping.”

-S&P Downgrade Q&A (Reuters)
-Fear & Longing (Michael Ashton)
-The Last AAA Countries (24/7 WallStreet)
-Treasury Continues Sniping At S&P (ZeroHedge)
-S&P and Treasury Dispute Over ‘Basic Math’ (Bloomberg)
-The Credibility & Integrity of S&P’s Downgrade (Felix Salmon)
-MUST READ: Domino Effect Of S&P’s Downgrade (PragmaticCapitalist)
-Debt Men Walking: Budget Impact Of Entitlements (PIMCO’s Bill Gross)
-Sanity Check On Downgrade (StoneStreetAdvisors via Aswath Damodaran)