Linkage: Mike Judge Q&A goes deep on Silicon Valley

If I have one idol in entertainment, it’s Mike Judge. Beavis & Butthead-isms have been rattling around in my head my entire adult life, Office Space and Idiocracy are both undisputed masterpieces about work and society respectively. And that’s to say nothing of his work on King of the Hill and other movies like Extract where he discovered TJ Miller, who plays the beloved douche Erlich on Silicon Valley, which is Judge’s best work to date. It’s where he brings his lifetime of smart-dumb sensibility together into one masterwork that perfectly captures the current state of entrepreneurialism and capitalism in general.

Kicking off today’s links with a Hollywood Reporter Q&A with Judge where he goes deep on the show overall, including why Erlich is off the show. I said deep, uh huh huh huh.