Linkage: What Homebuyers Want From Realtors

Today’s Originations linkfest is heavy on Barry Ritholz because he was just on fire this weekend over at The Big Picture. But first some catch up on housing links, starting with my favorite read of last week.


– Why Zillow, Trulia, Redfin Haven’t Killed Off Realtors (Brad Stone, Businessweek)

– Great Analysis/Charts On San Francisco Home Prices & Rents (Dr. Housing Bubble)

– Economic Mirages: House Prices, Unemployment, and Sequesteria (GMU professor Anthony Sanders)

– CNBC’s Josh Brown & Steve Leisman Debate Economy vs. Stock Market (Josh Brown, ReformedBroker)

– Why Investors Should Ignore Economics & Politics (Ritholtz on WashingtonPost)

– Fox News Basically Writing Wall Street Journal Headlines Now (Ritholtz)

– Are You A Perma-Bear? Take The Zerohedge Test (Cassandra Does Tokyo on TheBigPicture)

– If Ritholtz Were A Rapper, Who Would He Be? (TheBasisPoint)
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