Ponzis Proliferate. And So Do Smash & Grab Capers.


I've Got A Two Point Plan: (1) Smash. (2) Grab.As the list grows of ponzi perpetrators, it’s inspiring more heady criminal profiles about these desk jockey sociopaths from the mainstream press. Meanwhile with job losses up and GDP down (Q4 report Friday) the good old fashioned smash and grab caper business is going strong, inspiring great new Hollywood plots.

First this $100m diamond caper in December. Then this $250k art heist earlier this month. And on Saturday morning, this $150k jewelery robbery. With Mall Cop killing at the box office, people obviously don’t want heady smart material. They want easy breezy, and the caper movie can always deliver. So someone should watch this video of the latest jewelery job and get to writing the back story…

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