2019 Homebuyers Expect Digital Ease AND Human Advice (STATS)

Our friends at HousingWire and TotalExpert last week teamed up with Julian for a webinar to unpack the most important issue in consumer finance: how technology changes the way you shop for financial services, especially complicated services like mortgages when buying a home.

This topic is especially important in mortgage because doing your own online research is critical for education, but when it comes time to really understand your options and actually engage in buying a home, you need local pros to advise. At least that’s what the 2018 stats say you’re thinking:

– On the mortgage side, Fannie Mae says 72% of people want a digital loan application and process, and 65% of people want a human to explain loan terms and options.

– On the home buying side, Zillow says 79% of people rely on online tools to find homes, and 74% of people rely on real estate agents to find homes.

All this means that for home buying and financing, most people expect both digital simplicity and smart human advice.

This session with Julian along with Total Expert CEO Joe Welu and HousingWire editor Sarah Wheeler gets into detail on how companies are scrambling to provide you with a digital plus local experience as seamlessly as possible. It also gets into a bunch of other stats on how you’re engaging with realtors—whether you favor listing agents vs. your own buyer’s agent.

If you’ve got some holiday downtime, this is a worthwhile listen to understand the dynamic of how lenders and realtors are trying to engage you in the new year. And this session is a must-listen for you lenders and realtors, with all the customer behavior stats you have to know if you want to keep up with them in 2019.

Where Will The Customers Come From In 2019? (HousingWire/Total Expert/The Basis Point Webinar).