Detailed Summary of Economic Stabilization & Recovery Act of 2008

Law firm Sidley Austin has published one of the best summaries of the bailout package we’ve seen so far. Their Financial Institutions Regulatory Practice produced this report, which is broken out into the following sections. Click here for the full PDF report:

Section I: Covered Assets & Institutions
Section II: Asset Acquisition
Section III: Equity Sharing
Section IV: Executive Compensation & Corporate Governance
Section V: Asset Disposition
Section VI: Role of Private Sector Assistance–Opportunities and Pitfalls
Section VII: Insurance of Troubled Assets
Section VIII: Other Authority
Section IX: Mortgage Assistance
Section X: Accounting Issues
Section XI: Termination of Money Market Fund Program
Section XII: Legal Review
Section XIII: Oversight
Section XIV: Temporary Increase of Deposit Insurance Limit
Section XV: Abrogation of Standstill and Confidentiality Agreements
Section XVI: FDIC Enforcement
Section XVII: Interest on Reserves
Section XVIII: Other Tax Matters
Section XIX: Expiration

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