Your bank is now a Cool Parent lecturing you on Twitter

Happy Monday! In case you missed it last Monday, the Chase social media team totally face planted. The $2 trillion bank tweeted the following, which was quickly deleted after an avalanche of Twitter dunks:

The bank charging you overdraft fees is on your back about your spending? WTF?! The only #MondayMotivation after that was rage against the Chase machine.

Which Twitter handled accordingly, so now we want to ask the bigger questions:

Do we really need our banks to be #relatable?

Does it make them a better bank if their marketing team knows how to hop on the latest meme format?

I think the answer to the first question is yes, we want the companies we do business with to relate to us. But the answer to the second question is totally not. Actually knowing the struggles of your customers is a lot different—and a lot harder—than just tweeting like they do.

And even if your bank knows what your problems are, it’s a whole other leap for it to actually have products that solve them. If your bank can tweet like a Gen Z teen, can it make a mortgage application a Gen Z-er would actually fill out without getting frustrated? Does it train its loan officers how to teach you how your student loan fits into your DTI so you actually CAN afford that house you want?

That’s the big challenge banks face in serving you today.

Stay tuned as we explore how banks are morphing into something that you don’t want to shoot snarky tweets at. Julian is exploring the human element of how to make a bank relatable (#relatabank?) here, so don’t miss the chaser to this shot:

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