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I’m a consumer lending exec. I serve as Chief Marketing Officer for RPM Mortgage, America’s 17th largest retail mortgage bank. I joined RPM in 2003 as a loan agent, ran their San Francisco offices, left in 2013 to run Wells Fargo Home Mortgage’s Bay Area builder division, and returned in 2015. Prior to RPM, I was Director of Marketing for UBS Asset Management.

Consumer finance links Main Street, Wall Street, and Washington, making it hard for people to figure out. My job is to make it easy.

The Basis Point’s job is to drive financial literacy by explaining consumer finance in simple terms. I do this by covering hot issues and market trends, and linking to relevant news/analysis. I also talk about sales, leadership, the workplace, and pop culture—especially music.

I write for Zillow too, and my work is cited by or appears on CNBC, WSJ, FT, Bloomberg, Marketwatch, and other mainstream financial media.

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