The Basis Point is a sales & marketing strategy consultancy for banks, lenders, and fintechs, and a down to earth financial media brand. We curate and analyze the noisy personal finance, real estate, and technology web to give you what you need in a voice you can relate to. We also advise the most innovative companies in this space on their most important and complex issues.

We’re here publishing everyday for consumers, investors, and all fellow students of lending, real estate, fintech, sales, leadership, work, and pop culture.

Julian is a consumer finance pro who’s served in executive sales and marketing roles with UBS, Wells Fargo, loanDepot, and LendUS/RPM Mortgage over the last 20 years. He founded The Basis Point 10 years ago as a sales & marketing strategy consultancy for consumer finance & real estate firms, and a relatable media brand to cut through the clutter.

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