AmTrust Fails, $74b In Treasury Auctions This Week

Here we are on the 68th anniversary of Pearl Harbor Day, with the mortgage banking business facing unprecedented new regulatory reforms, and what are the folks in the trenches saying? “Does anyone get the feeling mortgage banking is a ghost ship, to sail the seas endlessly, with a crew of the damned? Didn’t Disney make

AmTrust Bankrupt, Dubai Update, Holiday Shopping, MBS Volume

I usually try to keep my opinions out the daily commentary. But I am really becoming irked by the press. One day they complain about our industry having foreclosure problems and the credit crisis here in the US and in the world. And then the next day they complain about the declining rate of mortgage

Economic Preview For Week, Roundup of Lender Updates

Market Roundup Before we launch into the plethora of investor updates, let’s take a look at the market. With the absence of any bond-market news, the focus continues to be on stocks. Asian stocks rallied last night back to levels last seen in October. To many, in spite of the poor earnings results by many

Loan Mod Seekers Can’t Shop Rate, More Warehouse News,

The economy is not good. I’ll tell you how bad the economy is. I was in Beverly Hills yesterday, and I saw a guy driving an American car! All CA Lenders Must Have License # On Card If you’re located in California, be prepared to order new business cards for everyone. Starting on July 1st