Dylan Ratigan

Dylan Ratigan Explains Rant On Barry Ritholtz Blog

By now most have seen Dylan Ratigan’s epic rant on America’s political paralysis. If not, see video below. And more important than the clip is his follow up on The Big Picture blog run by money manager Barry Ritholtz, where Ratigan is equally direct but more inspiring about the direction of our country. Here it

Dylan Ratigan Lands at MSNBC

Three months ago, I wrote an Open Letter to Dylan Ratigan with my case as to why he should stick with financial media after his departure from CNBC. At the time I laid out two options that seemed most probable for him: So as you evaluate new options, I am sure there are many but

Open Letter To Recently Departed CNBC Frontman Dylan Ratigan

Dear Dylan: I read about your fiery departure from CNBC, and that’s the only way I would have heard about it because I stopped watching CNBC around January 2008. CNBC had been a critical part of my all-day regimen for 13 years, but I stopped watching because CNBC turned into your typical shouting-match cable news