Kenneth Lewis

Bank of New York Chief Robert Kelly May Take BofA Helm

Bloomberg reports that Bank of New York chief Robert Kelly is in talks with Bank of America to take the CEO slot from Ken Lewis. Regardless of whether Kelly takes it, it’s easy on the one hand to understand why this slot has been so hard to fill. But on the other hand, as JW

BofA To Repay $45b TARP Funds, Helping Their CEO Hunt

What a difference one year and unprecedented levels of Fed and Treasury help makes. Bank of America said today they will repay TARP funds in full with $26.2b in cash and $18.8b in proceeds raised by a common stock issue that begins Thursday, December 3. This will obviously dilute the shares, but it could help

Does BofA CEO Ken Lewis Want To Break Up The Bank?

Is Ken Lewis suggesting a rebirth of Glass Steagall? If so, the Grave of Phil Gramm’s must be turning over. And also the special interests of Gramm’s decades-long crusade to deregulate banking must have gotten to him, as the story that started this rumor has been updated. Lewis said something of the sort after a