Larry Kudlow

Bill Gross’ case for long-term slow growth (VIDEO)

Interesting Bill Gross interview on CNBC today, following the release of his September investment outlook. In full video below he admits he was wrong on Treasury demand waning, and his long-term-slow-growth theme is best captured in this excerpt: Free market capitalism depends on a balanced market between labor and capital. And clearly we’re reaching a

The Hopeless Future of Financial Media

A new year. Typically the time for a media technique as old as media: recapping last year or predicting this year. But instead of doing that today, below I’m re-posting The Day Journalism Died, a piece I wrote in 2006. It’s not about financial media, but it reminded me what consumer financial media is and

Open Letter To Recently Departed CNBC Frontman Dylan Ratigan

Dear Dylan: I read about your fiery departure from CNBC, and that’s the only way I would have heard about it because I stopped watching CNBC around January 2008. CNBC had been a critical part of my all-day regimen for 13 years, but I stopped watching because CNBC turned into your typical shouting-match cable news

Kudlow Hot On Housing, Cold on FHA, Questionable on Credibility

There’s a reason Larry Kudlow is a star on CNBC: he sparks debate by taking hard lines on market issues, or really any issues. Like last year during an entertainment industry riff when he declared that all rap music is misogyny and violence “up and down the line.” This example helps explain the problem with