LIBOR Primer for ARM Borrowers

In this era of low mortgage rates, few borrowers are opting for ARM loans. We all know that at some point that will change and lenders will all have to dust off their ARM margin notes and remember things like LIBOR, created in the 1980’s. The London Interbank Offered Rate is a key adjustable rate

Credit Crunch Easing?

Below is from Teodoro Wealth Report, a weekly produced by Marin County-based financial advisor Alex Teodoro: One key to an economic recovery is a thawing of the credit freeze. Let’s look at three indicators that suggest we’re making some progress in this area. First, the LIBOR is coming down. LIBOR stands for London InterBank Offered

Two More Banks Fail, AIG Gets More Help, Thornburg’s Fate

AIG Gets More Government Help Jay Leno recently said, “This week, the Nobel Prize for economics went to a highly intelligent economist whose theory is a little hard, I think, for the average person to comprehend. He determined that it was bad business to give loans to people who can’t pay them back!” In that