Sheila Bair

FDIC’s Bair: Too Big To Fail Era Over. Really?!

Bank closures have slowed in 2011 versus 2010 but haven’t stopped. Forty-seven banks have failed year to date, including two on Friday. I guess that these two banks weren’t “too big to fail.” Departing FDIC chairman Sheila Bair says the era of too-big-to-fail banks isn’t just ending, it’s already over. Really? A few weeks back

Jumbo Loan Importance Grows As Fannie & Freddie Trim Loan Limits

It’s almost a certainty that the super-conforming loan level in the higher-priced areas will indeed drop to $625,500 from $729,750 on October 1. Here are new loan limit memos from Fannie Mae and FHFA, and here’s an an MSNBC story on jumbo loan implications. Aventur Partners & Aventur Mortgage Capital are turning some heads in

STATS: Big 4 banks’ home loan production down 33% in 1Q2011

When it comes to powerful women, how does the FDIC’s Sheila Bair—our nation’s top bank regulator—stack up against Lady Gaga or Katie Couric? When it comes to powerful banks, how do they rank for first quarter production? The big four banks originated a combined $186 billion in home loans, down 33% from $281 billion home

26 Failed Banks in 2011

Twenty-six banks have failed in 2011. Friday the FDIC closed Advantage National Bank Group (IL) assuming all the deposits (liabilities) of the Bank of Commerce (IL). Which brings up the question, “Do regulators see trends in problem banks?” Generally speaking, regulators see some key characteristics they frequently find in these institutions, none of which be

FDIC Votes 4-1 To Relax Private Equity Rules For Investing In Banks

From MarketWatch: The board of the FDIC voted 4-1 Wednesday to require private-equity firms with no history of bank management to maintain a 10% capital-asset ratio and to submit to strong restrictions on lending to their affiliates. The rules also require private-equity firms that bid on banks to commit to owning and operating them for