U.S. Can’t Afford To Go Out Tonight. OK, Just 1 Drink.

Remember being glued to your computer or TV in Fall 2008 trying to figure out what was next in the market meltdown? The debt ceiling circus in DC and S&P’s subsequent U.S. downgrade have captured consumers’ attention in a similar way. But this topic is much more complicated and consumers mostly get information in two

Bayer Earnings Up 58%, Is Their CEO Rutger Hauer’s Brother?

Bayer 4Q2008 earnings were up 58%, which is slightly off topic for this website since we don’t know much about healthcare and pharma, but it’s certainly a noteworthy announcement amidst all the bad news. Also is it just us or could Bayer CEO Werner Wenning be the long lost brother of Wayne Enterprises CEO Rutger

McCain: I Have An Economic Plan, It’s Good (part 8)

McCain keeps showing the country his misunderstanding of the economy, free markets and regulation. The latest comes as McCain describes his free-market, deregulated approach to healthcare, when he said that the healthcare system should function just like the banking environment he helped create over the past decade. Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman summed it up