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McCain: I Have An Economic Plan. It’s Good.

This is late, but should still be breaking news. Last week, ABC’s George Stephanopoulos interviewed shoe-in Republican Presidential nominee John McCain and covered economic issues. McCain, who changes his economic message every time he speaks as seen here and here, once again proved he “doesn’t understand economics very well.” McCain’s quotes get even better than

Beavis & Butthead Writer Is Model Mortgage Holder

Positive housing market stories are rare these days, so it’s all the more positive when a favorable housing story is about a writer for Beavis and Butthead, the all-time greatest show about stupidity in American culture. David Giffels’ writing shined a light on that stupidity, and now the New York Times shines a light on

A History of The Credit Crisis, With Some Help From The Simpsons

At the center of the global credit crisis is an endless debate about bailouts. Banks bailing borrowers out. Banks bailing each other out. Central banks bailing private banks out. Pro-bailers argue that the whole system is interdependent. Anti-bailers want excessive risk takers to suffer and flush the system clean. The debate rages with no solution

The Donald Is A Huge Genius

Donald Trump is developing a new reality show with Fox called ‘Lady or A Tramp?’ about sending party girls to charm school. In a Variety magazine interview he said about his own creation: “The idea is genius and the show will be huge.” Gotta fuckin’ love that guy…he’s got zero shame on any level. Not