Bill Gross

Time To Sell When Last Bond Bear Turns Bullish?

Following Bill Gross admitting he was wrong betting that Treasuries would sell, this is a good Marketwatch piece questioning whether his mea culpa means it’s time to sell bonds. If that theory is true, rates would rise. But read Gross’ comments from yesterday which confirm that rates could actually drop before you decide.

Bill Gross’ case for long-term slow growth (VIDEO)

Interesting Bill Gross interview on CNBC today, following the release of his September investment outlook. In full video below he admits he was wrong on Treasury demand waning, and his long-term-slow-growth theme is best captured in this excerpt: Free market capitalism depends on a balanced market between labor and capital. And clearly we’re reaching a

Linkage: Rest Of 2010 Economic Outlook

-How To Fix U.S. Job Market (Bill Gross, PIMCO) -Tea Party’s New Role Model: Mike Lee (Politico) -China Bears Are Dead Wrong: Jim Rogers (CNBC) -Banks Easing Terms On Loans Deemed As Risks (NYT) -How To Tell If Markets Freak Out About Debt Limit (WaPo) -John Mauldin’s Outlook on Second Half of 2010 (Minyanville) -Secrets

Linkage: Half Of Hombuyers Don’t Understand Mortgages

Today’s links on uninformed homebuyers, fate of mortgage brokers (and Freddie Mac, and the entire industry), plus a Lamborghini chase! -Homebuyers Lack Essential Knowledge (MortgageOrb from Zillow study) -PIMCO’s Gross Says Bond Yields Might Not Spike (Colin Barr, Fortune) -Freddie Mac capital markets chief resigns (HousingWire) -Can Mortgage Industry Clean Up, Pull Together (Nick Timiraos,

Don’t Act Surprised By Bill Gross Selling Bonds

Stocks are up today (Dow +20, S&P +3) and bonds are down sharply (10yr Note -53ps, FNMA 30yr 4% coupon -50bps) on continuing inflationary sentiment. Rates rise when bond prices drop in a selloff, and banks are revising rates higher this morning. Last week Bill Gross, head of PIMCO the world’s largest bond manager, said

Could U.S. Government Qualify For A Mortgage?

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of QE1 ending. QE1 was a $1.25 trillion Fed mortgage bond buying campaign that began January 2009. Then QE2, a $600b Fed Treasury bond buying campaign began November 2010 and will end June 30. Last month, bond king Bill Gross asked who would buy these securities when the government

Bond Market Themes This Week

What is the bond market focused on this week? One item that has really turned some heads recently was the letter from PIMCO’s Bill Gross, stating that its Total Return Fund sold all of its Treasury holdings. Mr. Gross has been right and wrong in the past. One quote said, “PIMCO’s not sticking around to