Elizabeth Warren

Jeopardy Champ To Lead CFPB. Loan Limits Extended?

Five-time Jeopardy winner Rich Cordray will be nominated by President Barack Obama to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. He is the former Ohio Attorney General (he lost his bid for re-election last November), and currently the assistant director for enforcement at the bureau. And to round things out, he was a onetime law clerk

More Good Faith Estimate Revisions: Vote Now!

In May, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau posted new Good Faith Estimates for public and industry feedback. Today they posted the second draft of the new consumer mortgage disclosures after receiving more than 13,000 comments. These are what consumers will be given by lenders to explain loan terms and quote rates, so consumers and industry

Linkage: Short-Term Rate Predictions

Dealbreaker wins best headline in today’s links for the Curb Your Enthusiasm reference. First two links have rate outlooks. StockSage’s rate comments are on his first chart. -Why I Blog & Most Important Charts Today (StockSage) -7 Day Rate Predictions, June 2-9 (TheMortgageReports) -Double Dip: Altos Says Prices Rising Steadily Since Then (DSNews) -Dems Urge

Good Faith Estimate Revisions: CHIME IN NOW!

So much effort has gone into discrediting and dismantling the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, you start to believe it after awhile. But as a mortgage insider, I have to say their first big splash looks ok. Today, they posted proposed disclosure forms for mortgage consumers and pros to comment on. They’re a big improvement

Biggest MBS Buyers. Simplifying Mortgage Disclosures.

There’s a new push to simplify mortgage disclosures following very recent January 2010 revisions that confused consumers more than ever. Here’s the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s latest on possibly combining two key mortgage disclosures: the Good Faith Estimate and Truth In Lending forms. The National Association of Realtors is urging lawmakers to rethink new risk

5 Questions With Elizabeth Warren. Are Rates Headed To High 6s? Why Loan Modifications Are So Hard.

Elizabeth Warren on Consumer Protection For some reason the mortgage industry already doesn’t seem to like presidential and Treasury advisor Elizabeth Warren, who’s also tasked with setting up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (or Agency). Here’s the Treasury’s ‘5 Questions’ interview with Warren, which is posted on ‘Treasury Notes’ the blog that Treasury announced