Jim Cramer

The 6 Types Of Corporate Execs: The Good, The Bad & The Wormy

It’s been more than eight years since I was at a global bank and navigating a big machine was second nature. I’m a bit rusty as my current boutique bank grows so, for reference, here are the core personality types we all encounter. When lots of smart people work together, it’s impossible for everyone to

The Hopeless Future of Financial Media

A new year. Typically the time for a media technique as old as media: recapping last year or predicting this year. But instead of doing that today, below I’m re-posting The Day Journalism Died, a piece I wrote in 2006. It’s not about financial media, but it reminded me what consumer financial media is and

Open Letter To Recently Departed CNBC Frontman Dylan Ratigan

Dear Dylan: I read about your fiery departure from CNBC, and that’s the only way I would have heard about it because I stopped watching CNBC around January 2008. CNBC had been a critical part of my all-day regimen for 13 years, but I stopped watching because CNBC turned into your typical shouting-match cable news

Fox Business News Declares War On CNBC

On Tuesday, March 11, CNBC Mad Money host Jim Cramer said that Bear Stearns was fine. On Sunday, March 16, JP Morgan Chase announced a bid to take over Bear Stearns for $2 per share with the Federal Reserve as a backup to help with liquidity on bad Bear Stearns debt. This week, Fox Business