Lawrence Summers

bTunes Dedication To Economic Idealists: No One Knows WidgetsThe Obama Era starts this week with a lot of tears and idealism and hope. We don’t discount the historical magnitude of Obama’s win, and in fact, we’re a bit caught up in the moment right now as you can see by our Obamafied logo in the rotation. But to those who are looking

Obama’s Announcement of Economic Team (bios & press Q&A video)

President Elect Barack Obama announced key members of his economic team today. Below are bios of these individuals, and also video of Obama’s announcement and Q&A. Obama Announcing His Economic Team Obama’s Press Q&A On Economic Team Economic team members announced today: Timothy F. Geithner, Secretary of the Treasury Timothy Geithner currently serves as president

How To Track The $700b Bailout

The NY Times has an interactive chart to track the Treasury’s $700b TARP (Troubled Asset Relief Program). Almost half of funds have been committed by the Bush administration and they announced this week that the remaining funds would be allocated by the Obama administration. As of this morning, it looks like Hillary Clinton is Obama’s

Financial Regulation From Clinton to Bush to Obama

In the midst of a crisis, there’s rarely time to question what caused the crisis. But it’s useful to know who helped get markets to where they are so we can avoid mistakes as we get through the triage and begin formulating policy solutions. Below are two stories that discuss a key player in the