WeeklyBasis 7/10: Locking Rates In Volatile Markets

Rates were down .125% to end last week, regaining half of the .25% rise from the week before. As the last WeeklyBasis noted: “Jobs would have to be worse than already-low expectations” for rates to improve, and that’s exactly what happened, with only 18k non-farm payrolls created vs. 110k expectations. Safer assets like mortgage bonds

Rates Cling Near 2011 Lows, Part 2

Mortgage bonds are in their third straight week of gains, trading just above their best levels of 2011 last set March 16. Rates drop when bond prices rise like this, and the benchmark FNMA 30yr 4% coupon that most lenders use to price consumer rate sheets closed up 16 basis points today, making a 13

Government Budget Battle In Household Budget Terms

The budget war in DC is political posturing and nothing more. Money manager Michael Ashton, who goes by Inflation_Guy on Twittter, wrote a great piece breaking down the issue in terms we can all understand. Below are those excerpts from his must-read full budget piece: Incredibly, the U.S. government is 24 hours away from a