San Francisco Chronicle

SF Chronicle: Mortgage Rates Poised To Jump. How Much & When?

A San Francisco Chronicle mortgage rate story yesterday does a good job simplifying the factors affecting mortgage rates as we move through 2010. It’s a useful consumer-friendly piece on how the Fed’s mortgage bond program works, when it’s ending and what might happen when it does end. It also includes updates on the homebuyer tax

Another Regulatory Proposal For Appraisal Rules

After last week’s proposal by a democratic representative of a moratorium on the new appraisal rules imposed on residential mortgage lenders, this week republican congressman is on board. More on this below from San Francisco Chronicle. Even if this does go through, lenders won’t back off their implementation of new appraisal rules, because they have

Government Bailouts Estimated At $8.5 Trillion

Bloomberg estimates that the government bailouts could total $8.5 trillion, which is about 60% of GDP. About $5.5 trillion comes from the Federal Reserve, about $1.1 trillion comes from Treasury, and the rest comes from the FDIC for banking issues and the FHA for housing issues. “Only” about $3.2 trillion has been used so far.

Will Fannie & Freddie Limits Stay At $729k or Drop to $625k?

The San Francisco Chronicle summarized the conforming loan limit changes in a story today which includes historical context and rates. The Basis Point contributor Julian Hebron was quoted, saying that it’s possible that conforming loan limits might not actually be dropped to $625,500 permanently because the housing crisis is still in full swing. This is

Will Your Property Taxes Go Down If Your Value Drops?

One common story during the past year of home price declines is how homeowners can go to their local tax assessors office and ask for their property to be re-assessed. In many counties across the country, it’s not as big of a deal because the assessors offices reassess properties quarterly or annually anyway based on

Borrowers Getting Short End of The Stick

Rob Chrisman, a writer for The Basis Point, was featured in the San Francisco Chronicle in a story about how rates have not come down even as the Fed Funds Rate has plummeted. Credit markets are still very jittery, but at some point the super conforming loans have to come down in price, or the