Mortgage Lawsuit Roundup

High profile mortgage industry lawsuits will continue for some time and I’ll continue covering them. Here are three lesser known suits that have bubbled up. (1) Taylor, Bean & Whitaker: the gift that keeps on giving. Most, if not every, mortgage company has an accounting firm. In what could be a very closely watched case,

bTunes Tribute To SEC For Goldman Suit: One Day As A Lion

Today was the the SEC’s One Day As A Lion as they filed the first big claim against Wall Street—a subprime MBS fraud suit against Goldman Sachs—since the great recession began in 2007. So this installment of bTunes is for the SEC from Zach De La Rocha. The former Rage front man named his new

CFTC Head Gary Gensler Opposes CFTC/SEC Merger

Since Mary Shapiro was named head of the SEC and Gary Gensler was named head of the CFTC, speculation has been that the two groups would be combined. The SEC has taken hits for everything from Lehman to Bear to Madoff. Meanwhile, the CFTC was “modernized” under the leadership of then Senator Phil Gramm, if