Steve Jobs

Rocktober 5: Steve Jobs, The Wizard

Everything about what I’m doing right now—and everyday—is influenced by Steve Jobs: hammering on a stainless keyboard, watching the crisp words appear on a Cinema Display, powered by a MacBook Pro with an iPhone tethered, writing the latest installment of bTunes, my blog’s music tag blatantly named after yet another Jobs creation. The man was

Apple’s New Headquarters: iSpaceship

Just read this Fortune magazine cover story on Steve Jobs’ Real Legacy. Turns out it was originally published September 8, but I missed it. Good read though. Learned an authorized Jobs biography is coming out in November, and that he’s working on this super-cool headquarters building.

The 6 Types Of Corporate Execs: The Good, The Bad & The Wormy

It’s been more than eight years since I was at a global bank and navigating a big machine was second nature. I’m a bit rusty as my current boutique bank grows so, for reference, here are the core personality types we all encounter. When lots of smart people work together, it’s impossible for everyone to

Panjandrum:’s Well-Chosen Word of The Day

The folks at aren’t always topical on their word of the day choices, and I’m not even sure that’s their goal, but they certainly nailed it today with the word panjandrum. It means an important personage or pretentious official, and today was jam packed with panjandrums. In fact, I didn’t even get a chance

Reporters Spar Over Steve Jobs Health

After Apple head Steve Jobs announced he will be on medical leave until June, investors sold Apple stock and media talking heads went even more nuts. Most notable was a battle between CNBC’s Silicon Valley bureau chief Jim Goldman and Newsweek’s technology columnist Dan Lyons in which Lyons said Goldman was a lapdog who believed

Steve Jobs Weighs In On Health Issues

The health of Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been a concern since he battled cancer in 2004, and his recent weight loss and giving up his MacWorld keynote address caused lots of speculation about his health and lots of worry about his company’s viability. Turns out he has a treatable hormone imbalance and should be