Timothy Geithner

Refi Help Coming? Breakdown of Who’s Jobless.

Refi Help Coming? Is anyone listening to housing problems out there? Maybe: Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said he expects a U.S. housing regulator in the coming weeks to detail mortgage refinance programs that could help the battered housing market. “My sense is, based on what I’ve seen…it’s going to be meaningful enough to make a

Linkage: Mark Twain Was All About Money

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WeeklyBasis 3/20/10: Critical Economic Outlook Week Coming

Despite volatility last week that caused rates to move up and down about .2%, we ended the week even. Business and consumer inflation reports both showed that inflation is under control. The Fed reiterated this after their FOMC meeting Tuesday, and left overnight bank-to-bank and Fed-to-bank rates at .25% and .75% respectively. Rates were especially