2011’s Best Viral Video: Whole Foods Parking Lot

Some pop culture moments are undeniable and Whole Foods Parking Lot is one of them.

Since being posted on YouTube June 11, it’s gotten 3,350,833 views. Granted, I alone count for 50 or more. But still, the video’s view count speaks for itself.

Here’s what I said in June: “Priceless video on pricey food culture. Legit music too.”

To this I’ll just add three quick reasons why it’s the best viral video of 2011:

(1) There’s no other pop culture bit that captures yuppie first world problems (and accompanying inner monologue) better, (2) Its genius lies in simultaneously ripping and supporting Whole Foods with dead-on knowledge of the food chain and its clientele, and (3) first-ever rap video with DJ scratching in the back of a Prius.

The video was done by Fog & Smog films, a creative crew from LA and the SF Bay Area. They’ve done two other videos since that are both good, plus an ad for Hyundai. Well deserved success, and I hope this crew has more big wins.

And now for their main attraction: