Bezos On Whether Purview As World’s Richest Man Will Ever Get Too Big

You don’t get planes and iPhones without big companies. You don’t have healthy leaders, companies, and society without a vigorous, investigative media. And you don’t get to live a life of perpetually growing energy consumption without expanding to space.

These are part one of Jeff Bezos’ answers to whether Amazon and his purview as world’s richest man will ever get too big.

Part two of his answers say you must do the right thing “obsessively compulsively” for customers—whether Amazon users, Washington Post readers, his charitable schools’ students, etc.—and that will keep the company out of the teeth of regulators.

Part three of his answers say you must have a mission whether your work is government, nonprofit, or profit. This gets at what he’ll do with all his money. As time goes on, it’ll go into nonprofit and profit ideas that everyone thinks is crazy because they requires tons of money and some time to solve giant problems.

In this sprawling interview with Carlyle Group founder David Rubenstein, he goes deep on Amazon, Washington Post, Blue Origin, and his philanthropic vision.

So many profound moments. Required weekend viewing/listening. Video embedded below.