4 Twitter Background Finalists For The Basis Point – 2018


It’s been a long time since I’ve changed my twitter background. Here are 4 I’m contemplating.

First one with the car in tunnel is from all-time fave movie Heat. This is when De Niro is home free and heading to the airport after the heist. Yet right after they come out of the tunnel he turns off to go get revenge on Waingro which he just can’t let go and ultimately leads to his demise. This is that bliss moment when it’s all working out, if only for a second.

Next two are from The Matrix, which is also on my all-time fave movie list. Spoon one is cool, but too much Spoon Boy will probably disqualify it. Banana phone one is funny to me so that’s a top candidate.

Last one is a shot I took this month from one of the San Francisco city hikes I do, and it goes from Pacific Ocean to Bay, and covers Golden Gate Bridge, downtown, and everything in between. A true representation of where I’m at. This is a top candidate.

Any thoughts?

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