Bernie Madoff Jumped in Butner Prison? ABC News “Exclusive”?

ABC news reported, via their WTVD affiliate in North Carolina that 71-year-old Bernie Madoff may have been assaulted in prison, where he began a 150 year sentence in July. The report said he was discharged from Duke University Hospital two days ago after being treated for facial fractures, broken ribs and a collapsed lung.

Officials at Butner federal prison didn’t confirm the report. That didn’t stop ABC news from writing the following headline: “EXCLUSIVE: Bernie Madoff Assaulted In Prison?” Claiming the exclusive scoop and verifying the scoop with a question mark. Good stuff. Also … Butner prison? Really? That’s almost as good as the biggest swindler of our time whose name is Made-off, or this Daily Show exclusive on Madoff’s prison handjob ponzi scheme.

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