Best Craigslist Ad Ever For “Sweet Ass 2001 Ford Taurus”

Thanks JW for sending this Craigslist ad for a Sweet Ass 2001 Ford Taurus, one of the all-time great Craigslist ads (with pictures) that begins like this:

Holy crap! What kind of badassary is this?! A 2001 Black Ford Taurus! Get the hell out of here! This car is a god amongst other, smaller cars. It eats dead dinosaur to power its black dinosaur hating heart! IT F*CKING EATS DEAD DINOSAURS! Ever seen that scene in movies where theres a badass explosion in the background and someones walking away from without even looking back. You know where they got the idea. yeah thats right. This fucking car walks away from explosions and doesnt even look back.