Blagojevich Caught On Tape Again! This Time About His Hair Brush.

Soon-to-be-ex-Governor of Illinois Rod Blagojevich was impeached after he got caught on tape trying to sell Barack Obama’s senate seat. Instead of attending his impeachment hearings, he embarked on a massive media tour, which he ostensibly thinks will help him win public favor. Perhaps he thinks this because he’s got such great hair…great hair that’s the result of a brush he carries with him at all times (see NY Times excerpt below).

Now the latest chapter of the Blago legend has surfaced, as he was caught on tape yet again, this time boasting about his fabled $12,000 Italian hair brush. Here’s the transcript. It’s not only his careless politics that are hurting him, his math skills aren’t too sharp either. Blago refers to his $12,000 Verticoli brush costing 30 million lira, but $12,000 US dollars is only about $18m lira.

In Springfield, as he waited to speak to the State Senate, Mr. Blagojevich sat in silence in his chandeliered office not far from the impeachment hearing room, nervously jiggling a leg and jotting changes to the speech he had written overnight in longhand on graph paper. He repeatedly called his wife, Patti. He carried his black hairbrush (the one he is known for insisting be available at all times) to his private bathroom behind a heavy wooden door. Minutes before he was to appear on the Senate floor, Mr. Blagojevich stood up and told an aide: “Let’s go home. Screw it. It won’t matter.” Then he walked out and made his speech.

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