Is GhatGPT AI smart enough to take your job? These Bloom’s Taxonomy 6 quick tests will tell you.


USC business school associate data science professor Vishal Gupta shared the most convincing answer to “will ChatGPT and AI take my job?” I’ve seen. It’s based on Bloom’s Taxonomy 6 levels of learning that Gupta explains like this:

First published in 1956 and later revised in 2001, Bloom’s Taxonomy is a hierarchy describing levels of thinking in which higher levels represent more complex thought. Its 6 levels are:

1. Remember — recall basic facts

2. Understand — explain concepts

3. Apply — use information in new situations

4. Analyze — draw connections between ideas

5. Evaluate — critique or justify a decision or opinion

6. Create — produce original work

Gupta describes how ChatGPT AI falls short when his team runs these tests, especially on Analyze, Evaluate, and Create.

I’ve also noticed this when asking GhatGPT questions about how mortgages are approved, the relationship of 43% debt-to-income loan approval thresholds to regulations, etc.

GhatGPT does a decent job of these questions, which is great for things like web search, but falls drastically short for giving people confidence to make financial decisions.

The answers sound like an SEO-optimized blog post written for a lead gen site by some dime-a-dozen content manager with zero financial experience.

The Endgame: AI will replace certain jobs — including managers of financial content who’ve never worked in finance. But lots of finance and other professional services jobs are more safe than the 2023 AI hype claims.


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