bTunes Dedication To Josh Brown, Best Financial Blogger On The Web


This installment of bTunes is Brooklyn rap for the best finance blogger on the web. As the Talib Kweli gospel goes: “you gotta do, fuck that almost shit.” This perfectly defines the reformed broker Josh Brown and his command of the zeitgeist, whether arcane financial or inane pop cultural. The man is just as good for a China inflation play as he is for weaving in a Fast Times reference … on a daily basis. He doesn’t quip for quip’s sake, he always has a point, and his Eternalist approach has gotten him everything a person with finance and media aspirations could want. The man is quickly becoming a hitter, so start reading him before its Too Late.

And Josh, to you I’d like to say thanks for being an inspiration to me, just another finance guy who writes. Deservedly so, 2010 was your year, and as your empire gets more complex in 2011, don’t forget this other bit of Talib simplicity: “what more can I say, we stay building…”

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks pal, you’re far far too kind! 🙂

  2. Nice tribute. Josh’s success is inspiring and well-deserved.

    1. Appreciate it, and agreed.

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