Cash-Strapped Auto CEOs Just Like Cash-Strapped Dirk Diggler From Boggie Nights

Watching US auto CEOs in front of Congress asking for money to help them fight competitors who are crushing them is like watching Dirk Diggler in his Boogie Nights downfall. Below is what Dirk says to the recording studio when he can’t pay for his demo tapes to bring to the record company. Is the only difference here that CEOs are talking about cars and Dirk is talking about tapes?

“Let me explain to him in simple arithmetic…1, 2, 3. Cause you don’t fukin get it, Berg. You give us the tapes. We get the record contract. We’ll come back and give you your fukin money. Have you heard the tapes, have you even heard ’em? We’re guaranteed a record deal, our stuff’s that good.”

Congress could learn something from Berg’s response and should also watch this video to the end, where the banker says the fateful words to one of Dirk’s equally cash-strapped cohorts: “We can’t help you.” Or maybe the auto firms, like Dirk, eventually get help limping along and make an inglorious return to US showrooms. Or maybe still Congress caves and the auto firms take US taxpayer money and run to other countries.