CHARTS: Income Needed To Be Rich vs. Net Worth Needed To Be Wealthy


Nick Maggiulli at Ritholtz Wealth has a great post on Rich vs. Wealthy. Above are 2 key charts on income needed to be rich and net worth needed to be wealthy.

The first chart is income needed to be rich:

– One Percenters make $867k
– Five Percenters make $290k
– Ten Percenters make $191k

The second chart is net worth needed to be wealthy:

– One Percenters have $11.1m net worth
– Five Percenters have $2.6m net worth
– Ten Percenters make $1.2m net worth

Go check out Nick’s post for great details on how to create wealth, and the differences between being rich and wealthy.

Nick Maggiulli at Ritholtz Wealth discusses the nuances of the rich vs. wealthy. What definitions as well as income and net worth numbers set these financial terms apart?

Check It Out:

Rich vs Wealthy: A Comprehensive Guide to Different Financial Lifestyles

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