Credit Crunch Semantics by FT, Krugman, Daily Show

The Financial Times marks the one year anniversary of the credit crunch with a special section called The Big Freeze. The game of naming the credit crunch has gotten out of hand, as NY Times columnist and Princeton economics professor Paul Krugman pointed out, saying:

The FT has a new series called The Big Freeze, which the print edition says is about the credit crunch and the online edition says is about the credit squeeze. So it’s a freezing crunchy squeeze, or something.

Also this week, The Daily Show did a great piece on financial crisis semantics (beginning at 3:15 on displayed video), of which our favorite phrase for a bailout was “fiduciary stilts” — coined by The Daily Show thankfully, NOT one of our officials. Either way, the freezing fiduciary stilted crunchy squeeze special FT report is useful, and should be read by anyone who’s following along.