Friday Funk: Come Around – by Orgone


James Brown was once the hardest working man in show business, but time goes by, new acts come around, and funk collective Orgone (the 2nd O is long) is unquestionably worthy of this designation. They played 288 shows last year, and their four studio albums are all infused with the infectious vibe only live stalwarts like this can produce. Today Orgone’s core is eight people, but they were only five in their early years, then added a horn section when they released their 2006 Bacano album, which they describe (perfectly) as:

a set of all- original, cold-blooded funk gems in the classic vein of War and Mandrill with improved, warm, organic production that matched the evolution of the band’s sound.

I’ve been holding Bacano’s Come Around for years, waiting for a time when housing markets got to a place the song could help us all celebrate a post-crisis turning point. And since all this time has gone by and housing might be coming around, I now bestow this week’s Friday Funk upon you. Simply no better way to get your cool back for the weekend.

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