Friday Funk: If It Ain’t Ruff


To end a rough market week, Friday Funk installment 115 is If It Ain’t Ruff off NWA’s Straight Outta Compton album, the G-funk launchpad that came out 35 years ago and changed the world.

There’s an early scene in the 2015 Straight Outta Compton biopic where a young Dr. Dre is at home with headphones on tuning out the militarized police streets listening to funk and soul records. Music is solace. And funk was his baseline.

If It Ain’t Ruff uses 8 samples, including 2 of NWA’s own songs and 1 of James Brown. But the song’s main guitar riff is a sample of A Star In The Ghetto by Scottish funk outfit Average White Band with Ben E. King singing. Solace indeed. Dre’s production of course makes the funk rougher, and Ren’s battle rap style is tough but profanity free — a rarity on this seminal album.

This Friday Funk installment 115 is dedicated to everyone navigating very rough market chaos. It always feels tough when money is at risk, and nobody is immune in 2023. So take a moment, listen, and get your cool back for the weekend.

The Basis Point Friday Funk Installment 115 - NWA - If It Ain't Ruff - Play It Now
NWA If It Ain’t Ruff – Play It Now

Below I’m including A Star In The Ghetto — a top 40 hit when it came out in 1977. Also adding an Average White Band bonus song you’ll know for sure when you hear — Pick Up The Pieces was a number one hit in 1975, and timeless party funk.
Liner Notes:

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– Average White Band A Star In The Ghetto, Pick Up The Pieces

Artwork notes: Notice Dre’s Basis Point logo, and our Friday Funk mascot joining the crew.




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