Friday Funk: No False Ideas


Tonight’s Friday Funk installment is from LA heavyweights Orgone, one of my all-time faves not only because of their timeless funk cred, but because they’re leaders on the scene right now today. Friday Funk archives have more Orgone, but tonight we’re going with No False Ideas which captures their signature danceable sound.

After pushing hard for almost 20 years, founding guitarist and engineer Sergio Rios recently said this about their new January 2019 album Reasons:

“I’ve learned to stop being so precious about every little detail. It’s just art. Sketch your picture and move on.”

But No False Ideas comes off their 2013 album New You and the song’s title is far more stringent about aesthetic and approach. That’s the mindset I’m in most of the time, and yes, it can slow me down but mostly I think it makes me better.

I push everyone I’m around on this aesthetic and approach too. No False Ideas. Most are mailing it in most of the time with most things they do. And that’s cool for them. But my general attitude is f**k all that.

Try. Push. Always. Because what else is there? What are you saving? For when?

So to all you who feel stifled in any way, listen to this, get your cool back for the weekend, and let your real ideas pour forth.

Play Orgone’s No False Ideas now.
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