Friday Funk: The Revolution Was Postponed Because Of Rain

Spotify and iTunes didn’t exist when I first got serious about exploring real-deal funk. It was about digging around in record stores. On one such adventure I discovered Brooklyn Funk Essentials‘ 1995 debut album Cool And Steady And Easy. At the time, I was obsessed with the cool hunt, and with a band name and album name like that, I did’t think twice.

They turned out to be the real deal indeed, and have remained both a staple and a jumping off point in my explorations all these years. For example, on this same album, they did a cover of The Creator Has A Master Plan, and that’s how I discovered jazz deity Pharoah Sanders, which led me down countless funky paths. Anyway, I’m not choosing tonight’s Friday Funk installment because of all the political unrest of our current era—though the lyrics do make some valuable points for would be activists. I’m choosing it because the song title is serving as inspiration for a piece I’m working on now about why the fintech revolution was postponed 20 years. That piece will come shortly. In the meantime, get your cool back for the long weekend with this steady and easy cut.


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