Friday Funk: Ride Or Die


Just like certain phrases strike a definitive tone with everyone, a great funk song sets a definitive mood. Tonight’s Friday Funk installment Ride or Die from the mighty Budos Band does both. The song’s heaviness will lighten your mood like all the best funk, and everyone knows Ride or Die means all-in.

But all-in can imply no exceptions, and life and work are full of exceptions.

So if we want to ride till we die, we must accept a few things.

This is especially true for those of us who expect both real money and creative freedom from our career pursuits.

To best balance both, we must accept an always-on schedule. Getting money and doing the work we care most about are often two separate things. And the only solution is making time for both.

Ride or Die.

And we’ll die sooner if creative work doesn’t sustain us.

So we ride eight days a week.

And as always, Friday Funk is here to help.

So listen to Ride or Die and get your cool back for the weekend.

The Basis Point Friday Funk - Budos Band Ride Or Die Is The 2020 Anthem

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